For advanced payments for a period of 6 or 12 months, we give special discounts.The equipment that our customers use is free of charge.

Our services and price packages

Kontakta provides mobile and home teleassistance.

1. Mobile teleassistance system allows users a free and safe movement both inside and outside their homes. Mobile teleassistance is provided through an SOS device that is small, easy to use and designed to be worn around the neck. By simply pressing a button, our Center is activated immediately and our operators react according to the nature of the situation (talk, offer support, give information, locate the users or call relatives, neighbors, ambulance, police or fire department) and organize the necessary assistance. SOS device allows our users to establish contact with the Center from any place on the territory of Serbia.

2. Home teleassistance system allows users who are housebound (due to heavier mobility or other reasons) a permanent connection with KONTAKTA Call Center. Home teleassistance device is installed in the apartment. Pressing the SOS button that is worn as a pendant around your neck or wrist alarms our Center immediately. Home teleassistance package also provides detectors for gas, water and smoke which alert our Center in the event of an accident.

Our services help with:

  • medical and psychological crises
  • falls due to heavier mobility
  • emergencies (fire, burglary, personal vulnerability, etc.)
  • conversation when feeling lonely and isolated
  • taking medicine - reminding and providing a variety of information
  • other situations where a quick response, an expertise or a warm human contact is needed.

Additional services that can be arranged at the request of our users are organizing the delivery of meals or medication, minor home repairs, house cleaning, hairdressing services etc.